How many days/hours in advance do I need to book for a green fee slot or a golf lesson?

  • You need to book a golf session or a golf game minimum 7 days in advance & a maximum of 45 days in advance.

How can I know if my booking has been confirmed?

  • You will normally be contacted within 2-3 working days, as per the preferred mode of contact selected by you at the time of booking. At times, due to closure of golf courses on certain dates or for reasons beyond our control, it may take longer than 2-3 days to respond to you.

What do I need to carry at the golf course to gain entry?

  • The golf course will recognize you by your name, as mentioned during reservation. Certain golf courses may require a handicap certificate to verify your handicap eligibility to play at the course. Hence it is advisable to have it with you .

Are there any minimum and maximum no.of players per flight?

  • Yes. As per the rules of golf and universal golf etiquette, there must be a minimum of 2 (two) players per flight on weekdays and a minimum of 3 (three) players per flight on weekends and holidays. The maximum number of players per flight is 4 (four), on any day. Hence , the customer placing a booking on www.teepass.com must ensure that he/she meets the minimum player criterion and their guests arrange the booking at the golf course . Please note that bookings which do not meet the minimum player criterion may get delayed confirmation or get denied.

Do golf courses have dress codes?

  • Most golf courses have universally acceptable golfing dress codes. In general, a collared shirt and trousers is acceptable. Golf courses do not allow denim trousers. Golf Shorts of knee length are allowed. At some golf courses, it is required to keep your shirt tucked in. Also, please ensure to wear proper golf shoes with soft spikes for all golfing sessions.

Can I contact the golf course directly or walk into any of the clubs part of the program and get a booking?

  • No. Under this program you are not allowed to contact the golf clubs/golf courses directly. At all times, please ensure that you login to www.teepass.com and place your bookings to avail the benefits of this program.

What about golf equipment and food and beverage expenses?

  • All other costs and charges such as food and beverage expenses, consumables, rental of golfing equipment, golf-cart (buggy) charges, caddy fees and more, are to be borne by you directly. You will be required to pay directly at the club for buggy, caddie, turfmate and insurance at normal published rates at the golf course, where applicable.

Can I avail the other facilities at the golf course?

  • This offer is limited to golfing access only and you cannot access the other facilities at the golf course.

Can a non-golfing member of my family accompany me for my game or lesson?

  • No, golf clubs generally do not permit non-golfers to be present in any golfing areas.